Chub Rubber Plantation Co., Ltd

With rubber becoming a major priority as an export commodity, the L.Y.P Group is determined to play its part in assisting the Royal Government of Cambodia with the development of the sector.

Currently the L.Y.P group owns the Kingdom’s largest rubber plantation with 17,720 hectares at the Chub Rubber Plantation Co., Ltd. in Kampong Cham. The plantation, which is ISO 9001 registered, currently produces 40 tonnes of rubber per day – which represents almost 10% of the country’s current output.

In 2013, Cambodia exported a total of 74,198 tons with a total value of $170 million. According to Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture the amount of land being used for rubber cultivation will reach 250,000 hectares by 2015 and an estimated 450,000 hectares by 2020.

While the country’s rubber industry is still taking second place to the country’s rice sector, the agroindustry is growing – and is expected to continue growth. With the Chub Rubber Plantation Co., Ltd., the L.Y.P Group is expected to be at the forefront of that growth.