To be the best in producing and selling the largest variety of goods in the ASEAN region (Better Choice for a Better Home)


Global house strives to bring high quality goods and services at affordable prices to local customers. The company aims to become the best provider of construction items and decoration materials in the region.

Thanks to the knowledge and 20 years of experience in the construction materials industry, Global House has a vision that turned that company into a one-stop-shop for the best construction materials, decorations for buildings and gardens or materials for workers. Over 130,000 items and materials are stored in fine conditions, inside modern buildings with sizes ranging between 18,000 and 32,000 square meters, to make sure everything is accessible to customers.


Products and services

1. Construction equipment:

  • Cement & Construction tools
  • Nails and barbed wire
  • Roof Installation tools
  • Gardening tools

2. Decorations:

  • Doors and windows
  • Tools for technical
  • Electricity tools
  • Ceramics floor, decoration materials, surfaces and walls
  • Paint
  • Furnitures and Dining tools


Global house is selling goods and providing services according to the Five Keys:

  • FAST – Providing convenient and fast delivery service.
  • RIGHT – Built on trust and reliable service.
  • CHEAP – Reasonable price and high quality.
  • EASY – Friendly customer services, convenient selection and home delivery services.
  • POLITE – Providing services to customers with professional skills and follow ethical conduct.