Koh Kong Rubber Plantation was started in November 2011 in Phner Meas Commune of Koh Kong province. The whole venture started as a small plantation with only 500 ha in 2012 and has been adding from 100 to 400 hectares of land every year since the beginning of production.

Production of rubber is one of the key industries that contributes to the fast paced development of Cambodia. The country’s rubber industry is only second just after the country’s rice sector and constantly growing. In 2013, Cambodia exported a total of 74,198 tons with a total value of $170 million.

According to Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture, the amount of land being used for rubber cultivation will reach 250,000 hectares by 2015 and an estimated 450,000 hectares by 2020.

Koh Kong Rubber Plantation is playing a major part in this developmen.