Phnom Penh Sugar Plantation

In addition to infrastructure development, the L.Y.P group is also taking the lead in putting the country’s agroindustry on the map with investments in the sugar industry in Kompong Speu.

Previously an ‘under-invested’ and under-developed part of Cambodia, Kompong Speu is now benefiting from USD $200 million investment in the Phnom Penh Sugar (PPS) refinery and plantation as well as the associated development of essential amenities such as electricity and clean water.

Set on 9000 hectares of plantation in the heart of Kampong Speu, the Phnom Penh Sugar processing plant is the country’s most efficient and modern sugar refinery. It is also the country’s only 100% Cambodian-owned refinery. Built using state-of-the-art machinery from the United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, and Thailand, the refinery provides jobs for thousands of local people. Its situation in Kampong Speu has also given rise to the development of shops, schools and a community.

In addition, to assist the development of the community, Phnom Penh Sugar Co., Ltd has constructed a road 22 kilometres long linking the area of Tran Tayeng Commune to Oral Commune, two bridges, a power plant which can produce 16 Mw of electricity to service within the factory and water facilities.

Phnom Penh Sugar currently produces 100,000 tons of refined sugar per year. Eighty per cent of the plant’s production is for domestic use.