President’s Message


Cambodia’s sustained growth and development over the past 30 years is a remarkable success story, and one that L.Y.P Group is proud to have contributed to.

The country’s young population are passionate to use their education and skills in assisting the efforts of the Cambodian Government to make the nation a safe and supportive place to live and work. These passions are helping sustain Cambodia’s fantastic economic growth, and L.Y.P Group firmly believes that investing in the country’s infrastructure, as well as its human resources, offers clear strategic, economic, and national development sense.

L.Y.P Group has helped establish Cambodian expertise in a number of key areas identified by the Cambodian Government as key investment sectors, including the agricultural, industrial, real estate and service sectors.

Cambodia is ideally located in the heart of Southeast Asia, offering logistical advantages to companies wishing to connect with the rest of Asia and beyond. These advantages are boosted by Cambodia’s membership to the World Trade Organisation and the ASEAN Economic Community, and with the supportive investment climate offered by the Royal Government of Cambodia, foreign direct investment is actively encouraged.

With the most diversified business portfolio in the country, L.Y.P Group is proud to play a significant role in Cambodia’s continued development, and we welcome investors and companies looking to assist L.Y.P Group and the Cambodian Government grow and sustain the nation’s ongoing successes.


President H.E. Oknha Ly Yong Phat